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Safe with You

There's not much I don't love about the Buffyverse. And a lot of the things I don't like, I love that I don't like. (The majority of Angel's actions, for example.)

That said, one of my absolute favourite things about the universe of Buffy and Angel has been, since its first appearance in season five, Spike's love for Dawn.

They haven't spent much time together since season six, and the scene in 7.02 "Beneath You" of Dawn threatening Spike was somewhat satisfying (I mean, really; you go, Dawnie!) but it totally broke my heart, too.

So, Spike ditching two big battles (and potential Apocalypses) to take care of his sick Little Bit?

Holy sheesh, y'all! I'm smiling idiotically now, I might cry later. I seriously lack the emotional maturity to handle my excitement over this. And, look, he's holding her hand! Do you understand that this is the single greatest thing the series could have given me?

I may ship Spuffy and Spuffel and Spangel and Tillow and several other ships that lack the convenient portmanteau names, making them too unwieldy to add here, but at at the end of the day, Spike and Dawn are by far and wide my favourite duo of the series (which, by default, kind of makes them my favourite fictional duo, full-stop.)

(Oh, and, uh, who totally called this Dawn-plot? I so got this.)


I am happy that you are happy. I am happy that Spike is doing what he's doing, but I would be happier if Dawn remembered him. However, Spike's love for Dawn is the point here, not vice versa. Spike as caretaker is one of the facets of his character that is sometimes overlooked for the more flashy/fighty/sexy/smoking aspects. In the Buffy comics, it's up front and I like that.

Go you for calling the Dawn plot. You never know what possibility (among thousands) that the comics writers will seize on.

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I'm happy that I'm happy, too.

Angel and Faith has been really strong all season, while Buffy has been lagging a little in my view. I'm really happy to be excited for Buffy for once, even if it's just over the smaller things.

Spike's caretaker instinct is definitely what sealed him as my favourite character. He was awesome in those first three or so minutes after ploughing down the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign, but as soon as he started interacting with Drusilla, I realised he was awesome in italics.

Also, that icon is adorable.
Spike & Dawn is my fave ship. I've not read the comics. I'm glad to hear that get to reconcile. :D
Well, that somewhat remains to be seen, from Dawn's side anyway, but even small steps in the right direction are pleasing.
I will leave that discovery to you, cos I can't see myself getting into the comics anytime soon.

I'm sure I will enjoy your post about it, though. I do like your writing style. :D

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