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[sticky post] >100

I've written a number of stories that have weighed in at under a hundred words, which struck me as a bit too short to post on FF.

But, here they are. Almost all are fills at comment_fic and all for Whedon fandoms. Because that's what I do.

EDIT 27/7/13- Added new three sentence fics!

Six word fics:

Prompt: Pet
"Don't call me that."
"Sorry, luv."

Prompt: morning
She unlocks the cage door. "Coffee?"

Prompt: dying
Turns out, third's not the charm.

Prompt: inevitable conclusion
Just a third wheel on wheels.

Prompt: prophecy
But they choose what comes after.

Prompt: make-up
Mirror-free eyeliner? He must teach her.

Buffy + Xander
Prompt: lie
"Kick his ass," and trust fled.

The Gentlemen
Prompt: mute
Your screams can't save you now.

Prompt: chocolate ice cream
Staring into the carton, he remembers.

Buffy + Dawn + Joyce
Prompt: summer
No strength like a Summers' strength.

Prompt: stuck
"I will never be over you."

Prompt: “mmm, kinky!”
When Dru thinks it's kinky—run.

Prompt: sleep
Only sleep and so much more.

Spike + Dawn
Prompt: baddie
Babysitting little girls.
Big Bad indeed. 

Prompt: on the road
Just him, Dru, and Sid Vicious.

William/Drusilla + Angelus (or William/Angelus)
Prompt: first time
"Your first?!" Angelus laughs. William blushes.

Prompt: free
A fall. Pain. And then–freedom.

Prompt: dreams coming true
Lying beside her, wanting nothing more.

Buffy/Spike (Double Fill)
Prompt: lost
After the tower, he was lost.
After the stairs, he is found.

Prompt: it burns!
He doesn't mind the cross' scar.

Prompt: it was just that the time was wrong
"Guess we missed ‘us.’"
"I guess."

Prompt: first impressions
Most beautiful beast she'd ever seen.

Prompt: space
Only Serenity can protect them here.

Prompt: genderswap
"I miss my boobs," Caroline sighs.

Ten word fics:
Prompt: gravity
She used to dread gravity. Now it will save her.

Prompt: nightmares
She has nightmares about drowning, and coffins. But never falling.

Prompt: the floor is comfy, thanks
He lies awake, listening to her heart and not snoring.

Prompt: librarian saves the world
A librarian saved the world. No one need know how.

Prompt: lies
"Stupid hair," he'd said.
He probably should've kept saying it.

Prompt: naughty
He'd always tried to avoid naughtniess. Then he met Dru.

Prompt: if at first you don’t succeed…
First kiss after the bathroom. She says; "It'll be better."

Prompt: wandering soul
He's a good guy, really, except when his soul wanders.

Prompt: my other half
Sometimes she can't breathe, knowing her other half is lost.

Angel + Wesley(/Fred)
Prompt: nothing scares me anymore
"It could get scary."
"I've lost Fred. Nothing scares me."

Prompt: a super-tight group of friends to commit crimes with
Darla finds them. Angelus tortures them. Spike and Dru finish.

Inara + Kaylee
Prompt: inevitable packing mistake
After the third redo, Kaylee's almost certain she's actually stalling.

Twenty-five word fics

Prompt: walking out of a life isn't easy
The last two had been easier.
Leaving the life he’d lived for twenty-six, for a hundred years.
But, then, neither of those lives had Buffy.

Buffy + Dawn
Prompt: something that I missed
There’s no conversation. Just the mechanical laughter of a sitcom and the clank of spoons in bowls. Buffy glances at her sister; she’s missed this.

Prompt: lights
It wasn’t their first time, the time Willow came to her with a flickering candle and an apology. Not the first, but forever a favourite.

Prompt: I can’t write you a happy ending
“There’s no happy ending for you here,” he tells her. Her hands are dwarfed in his, her eyes wide, tear-filled.
“I don’t care.”
“I do.”

Prompt: split-second decision
She has only a second to make the decision. Dawn, her friends, and what’s waiting there at the end. She doesn’t even need the second.

Prompt: try again
She breaks his nose as soon as she sees him. It’s tradition. “That’s for dying, you asshole,” she says. “Ready to try again?”
He grins.

Dawn + Buffy(/Spike)
Prompt: mistake I’d make again
“I made a mistake,” Buffy says. “With Spike. So many mistakes.”
“But you’d make them again?” Dawn asks.
“Yes. I’d make them again, but better.”

Spike + Angel
Prompt: newsflash
“Newsflash, Blondie Bear.” Angel’s close, keeping him there, away from the girl. His girl. Their girl. Girl he loved.“Never gonna happen.”
Just like old times.

Prompt: not quite arson
He lets the cigarette stubs land where they will. Drops them, still smouldering, onto the grass and the porch. He knows she’ll put them out.

Dawn + Spike
Prompt: false dawn
He smells her terror when she sees the bot, torn and sparking. Knows what she sees instead. “Just a false, Dawn.” Knows it doesn’t help.

Prompt: shh!
Willow’s a babbler. Sometimes she just needs a little ‘shh!’ to keep her from panicking. But she’s never been hushed better than by Tara’s lips.

Prompt: the best disguise
Darla laughs. “What a wonderful disguise you’ve got, my darling.”
“My soul isn’t a disguise.”
She touches his hand. “Hides the monster, though, doesn’t it?”

Prompt: stupidity isn’t a virtue
Angel tells her that the people are important, saves their lives with lies. Stupidity isn’t a virtue, just the closest thing Harmony has to one.

Dawn + Spike
Prompt: naptime
“But it’s nine at night!”
“Yeah, and? Woke up at four, Bit. Vampire, remember?”
Dawn pouts down at him. “Well, it’s still a stupid naptime.”

Fifty word fics:

Prompt: meeting them was like looking in a mirror
Everyone’s already had troubles with their doubles, seems.
Kind of a pity he hadn’t seen Willow’s. She’d probably be all sorts of fun as a vampire.
He doesn’t mind having missed Dawn’s brawl with her Godzilla-wannabe-roboself.
Really, it was probably about time his turn came up.
Still bloody disconcerting, though.

Prompt: loving Buffy was his worst nightmare
He calls them dreams.
They are dreams, of course.
They come at him when he sleeps as the sun shines brightly outside, when he dares to rest his head while keeping watch over his Niblet at night.
Once, he would have called them nightmares.
But, compared to life, they’re dreams.

Willow + Amy
Prompt: mildly disappointing
Amy glares daggers at her… maybe some broadswords too.
Willow hadn’t really been expecting much. She kind of doubts Amy had been, but she probably shouldn’t rule the possibility out.
But, hey, she can turn make people get married now. Failing de-ratting spells seem a bit less disappointing than usual.

Three sentence fics:

Prompt: I love another
It’s not the way Willow wanted it to go, or it wouldn’t be if she’d thought about it as something that could really happen. Her cast is itchy and her hair is unwashed and there’s the depression, the desperation, the loss, pulling deep and heavy on her bones, which aren’t the only part of her that broke with the seed. She needs Kennedy now more than ever, even if Kennedy doesn’t need her anymore, but she doesn’t stop her mouth when it opens and drops out the words; “There’s someone else.”


Prompt: solstice preparations
Tara doesn’t have an altar, but she spreads her altar cloth over her scavenged coffee table and works on that. Her hair is damp from her bath and she stands in the circle, her tools around her; she has her mistletoe and her holly, her God and Goddess candles and her incense, her sand and the cauldron that Mr. Giles had given her a good deal on last Yule. All that’s missing is her partner.

Buffy + Willow + Xander
Prompt: what was in your stocking?
“Ooh, new stakes,” says Buffy.
Xander frowns into his own stocking, “This is just full of Doritos and lottery tickets.”
“Why is there a sock with my name written on it in Sharpie?” asks Willow.

Prompt: let's try something new
It’s 1905 when Darla finally allows him to come to bed with her and Dru and says, “I do think it’s time we try something new.”
Spike grins. Angelus never did get to do this.

Spike/Buffy + Dawn
Prompt: bickering
“Spike, you can’t put marshmallow fluff in brownies, it’s gross,” Dawn says, fists on her hips.
“Fine,” the vampire says, “fine, but the hot sauce is staying in, though.”
As Dawn nods her ‘of course,’ Buffy snatches the wooden spoon away from her sister, “You are both officially banned from my kitchen.”

Prompt: devil
"What was that she called you, 'her angel?' Darla asked as he takes his little sister in his arms for the last time and carries her still body to her bed.
"An Angel," Liam laughs uproariously, like it's the most wonderful joke ever told, "a devil named for an angel."
"Well, I like it," says Darla, smiling, "after all, the Devil himself was an angel too."


No no no, go LONGER, not shorter! :)

I've never been over there, are those word limits set?

Prompt: chocolate ice cream
Staring into the carton, he remembers.

Owie. One of the most painful episodes ever. Good callback.

And I'm not going to quote anymore, because then I'll never stop. Amazing how many feeeeels you can pack into so few words!
Oh, sorry, I guess you haven't said it enough or something.


There are theme days, and sometimes the theme is the word limit. The longer ones are on FF.

Thaaaank you. =) It's a fun challenge.

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